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Dieter Keifert
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Hello everybody,

it's be a great menu - thank you very much.

I have questions about the "New Menu":

Publish: -How can I delete the two menus? -What can I do with "Highlight color" and "Selection color"

Menu Editor: -How can I save my "menu picture". I hope you understand what I mean.

Thank you very much and best regards Dieter

Member Admin
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Custom menus can be deleted from the "Manage Effects" window, which now has a "Menus" tab.

The "Highlight Color" and "Selection Color" can be changed by clicking on the color thumbnail. These are the colors for the outline that goes around the selected (or clicked) menu item.

Menus can be saved from the "Menu" tab in the "Publish" window. If you're looking for a way to save an image of what the menu looks like, that's not a feature we have just now, although a screen capture program should be able to accomplish the task.