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First Video Created, But how?

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Van Tyner
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Created my first Baseball Banquet video.  My question is now that we don't have the Loop all screen anymore for pro show produce, I have no title page to sit till play video!


My BIG QUESTION IS!!!    on my video, it has all the crap at bottom, like edit pictures, 10 and 30, exits etc.   can this be taken off?   I hate that showing.  Nothing showed on video screen with playing video on pro show!   WHY WHY WHY


Next Question is...... how to i change a few transition at a time to not all be the same timing.   like all my slides say 1.65, but i didn't tell it to set at that.   I would like a mixed timing on the transitions as well as my slides.  Hope that make some since!

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Maggi Derry
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Can you screenshot  what is happening at the bottom (showing all the crap, lol) - maybe I can help with this.