Video slideshow software for professionals.

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Photopia director

Creative control for slideshow professionals


Turn your photos, videos and music into totally custom, professional video slideshows for clients, friends and family. With Photopia Director there are no limits. Use unlimited photos, videos and effects to turn your creative ideas into reality.

US$24.95 / month


US$249.95 / year

US$299.40 (Save almost US$50 / year)

polished shows

Create polished shows in just minutes.

Only Photopia Director offers the perfect mix of creative control and ease-of-use. Create a show in just minutes with professional themes and effects. Perfect for weddings, engagements, family photos, nature scenes, outdoor shots, travel photography and more.


Amazing effects

Add ready-made photo, slide and transition effects.

Turn your photos and videos into exciting layouts and polished animations with over 700 effects and filters. Create everything from page turns and camera flashes to blurs and fades. No design experience necessary.

Creative control

Take control with a full range of creative tools.

Take the reins and create your own custom effects with Director’s keyframing, masking and adjustment layers. Create almost any kind of animation with real-time previews and precision control.

Build your own library of custom effects for a streamlined workflow and consistent slideshows.

Effects + Filters

Over 700 built-in effects for your photos and videos.

PAN, Zoom, 3D, rotate, skew

Just click and drag to create your own motion effects.

instant show creation

Let Photopia do all the work with the show wizard.

keyframe animations

Create custom effects with keyframed motion and fx.


Create groups to animate multiple layers together.


Just click and drag to create your own motion effects.

mask & adjust

Use masking and adjustment layers for total control.

Titles that impress

Create captions and titles in any style.

Add professional captions and titles to any slide. Customize fonts, colors, textures and more for the perfect look.

Use motion filters to apply professionally-designed animations, or create your own animations with caption keyframes. You can even animate individual words and letters in a caption.

Publish anywhere

Make videos, share online, burn DVDs, and more.

Publishing your slideshows is easy, with over 50 popular formats for watching on TV, online, and devices.

Easily post shows on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. Create DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD output.

Get great quality with HD and 4K output, and add a professional touch with Hollywood-style movie menus.