Instant slideshows for everyone.

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Photopia creator

Instant slideshows for everyone


Making a slideshow for a special occasion or looking to do something new with all those photos and videos? Photopia Creator makes it easy.

Make a video slideshow with just a few clicks using the automatic slideshow wizard, or build it from scratch. Choose from 950+ built-in effects and filters. When you’re ready to share your masterpiece, publish to any of 50+ popular formats like HD, 4K, DVD, Blu-ray, YouTube, Facebook and more.

US$9.95 / month


US$99.95 / year

US$119.40 (Save almost US$20 / year)

Combine photos, videos + music

Just drag + drop.

Create slideshows with as many photos, videos and songs as you want. Add from your computer or import from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and more. Add multiple photos to one slide for fun, multi-layered effects.

Creator makes working with video just as easy as using photos. Finally do something with all those video clips taken on your phone.

Start fast, customize all you want

Fast and easy to use.

Use the wizard to create shows instantly. Just pick a theme and the wizard automatically creates a great-looking slideshow for you, timed perfectly to your music and ready to watch or fine-tune in just moments.

When you’re ready to take a little more control, Creator makes it easy to work with your show. You can get started with just a few clicks, with more advanced features always within reach.

Animate with fun effects

Over 700 built-in effects and filters.

Add cool effects and animations to your photos and videos with Creator’s slide styles and transitions. Simulate page turns, create multi-photo montages and more.

Just click to preview an effect and apply to any slide in your show. You’ll get fun and creative effects in an instant!

Feeling creative? You can also customize motion effects for your photos and videos. Zoom into a point of interest, add some tilt, pan across a panoramic image or rotate any photo.

Make quick edits without other software

Edit photos and videos.

Creator offers a sea of built-in editing tools. Fix flaws on the spot with crop, auto-correct and other image adjustment tools.

Use filters to instantly transform any photo or video. You can even trim video clips!

Effects + Filters

Over 700 built-in effects for your photos and videos.

PAN, Zoom, 3D, rotate, skew

Just click and drag to create your own motion effects.

instant show creation

Let Photopia do all the work with the show wizard.

time control

Set times for slides and effects. Trim video + song length.

photo editing

Crop, color correct, blur and more.

Add animated titles easily

Custom captions.

Add titles to any slide in your show. Choose your own font, color and size. Use cool effects to bring captions to life, simulate rolling credits, add fly-ins / fly-outs, and create unique intro captions.

Go beyond simple fly-in/ fly-out effects with custom caption motion effects.

Music and voiceovers

Bring it to life with a soundtrack.

Use built-in audio controls to crop songs, crossfade multiple tracks, record voiceovers and set custom fades. Record and add voiceovers to narrate your shows.

Publish anywhere

Make videos, share online, burn DVDs, and more.

Publishing your slideshows is easy, with over 50 popular formats for watching on TV, online, and devices.

Easily post shows on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. Create DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD output.

Get great quality with HD and 4K output, and add a professional touch with Hollywood-style movie menus.