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Desktop Software for
Windows and MAC

Desktop Software for
Windows and MAC

Creating a show

photopia Director

Photopia creator

Automatic show creation

Add photos, video clips, music and titles

Import photos and videos from popular sites
Google Photos, OneDrive, Dropbox and more

Control timing

Auto-Sync Music
Sync your soundtrack and show automatically

Custom Audio Control
Set custom volume points to blend music, video + sounds

Essential editing
Rotate photos+videos, trim video clips

Basic editing
Crop, color correct

Adjustment Effects
Vignette, blur and saturation

Edit video clips
Trim video clips and mute audio on/off


photopia director

photopia creator

Use any effect
Use effects created with Photopia Director

Create Slide Styles
Create your own slide styles to use in other shows or distribute to other users

Create Transitions
Create your own transition effects

Create Layer Transitions
Create your own fly-in, fly-out, behavior and layer filters

Create Wizard themes
Create your own wizard themes

Creative control

photopia director

photopia creator

Included Effects



Choose effects for each slide

Customize effects

Essential custom effect control
Pan, zoom, rotate, 3D tilt,skew, rotation center, adjustment effects

Layer Filters
Ready-made image adjustment filters

Motion Filters
Instantly animate with filters like Film Shake, Door Swing or Color Shift

Customize captions and titles
Control font, size, color, placement, etc.

Multiple layer support
Add and customize multiple layers per slide

Over 90 different layer shapes

Caption motion and effect control
Animate caption motion, size, color and effects

Advanced custom effect control
X/Y zoom, brightness and color, opacity, blur

Create multiple animation points in a slide

Create groups to animate multiple layers together

Advanced creative techniques
Masking and adjustment layers, modifiers, solid color and gradient layers

Split layers into rectangles, hexagons, triangles or puzzle pieces that can be animated individually

Advanced caption effects
Animate words and letters from a caption individually

Split color channels
Edit and animate Red,Green and Blue color channels for a layer indiviually

Compositing modes
16 different layer compositing modes like Screen, Difference or Color Burn

Publishing and Sharing

photopia director

photopia creator

Publishing / sharing choices
Disc formats, video formats, services and more



Create DVDs and Blu-ray

Create AVCHD

Create 4K videos

Create video files up to 1080p

Share Online
YouTube, Vimeo and more

Custom menus and publishing options
Add interactive menus, multiple shows as chapters, intro shows

Video for devices
Adds support for additional devices

Publish Queue and History
Queue up outputs for later

Publish in the background
Keep working while your show is being published

More options and features

photopia director

photopia creator

Add voiceovers and sound effects

Show Templates
Use ready-made shows with templates