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AUGUST 9, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Go To Slide

Did you know that you can jump directly to a slide that has a specific image in it?

The Browser indicates that an image is included in your slide show by placing a green number in the upper right corner of that image. Read more

AUGUST 3, By Photopia

We Hear You

We receive a lot of requests from our wonderful customers, everything from small changes to entirely new features. Rest assured, we hear you. A big Photopia update is on the way and here are some of the most popular requests you can expect to see included.
Watch Video or Read more

July 26, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Change Duration of Multiple Slides or Transitions at Once

When working in the Slides list, you can set the duration of an individual Slide / Transition OR change the duration of multiple Slides / Transitions to the same value all at once.  Read more

July 19, By Photopia

Training Tuesday:

Animating Layers inside an Animated Group

In the last blog, you learned how to Animate a Multi-Layer Group.  This week, we’ll take it one step further and animate some of the layers inside that Group, while the Group is also animated. Read more

July 12, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Animating a Multi-Layer Group

If you want two or more Layers to move, zoom, tilt, or rotate in unison, the best way to do this is to put them in a Group then animate the Group. Read more

July 5, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Removing a Slide Style from your Slide

There are two ways to remove a Slide Style after it has been applied, if you decide you don’t like it. Read more

June 28, By Photopia

Training Tuesday:Adding and Removing Slide Styles from Favorites

You may have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Slide Styles in your Photopia program.  Finding just the right style that you’re looking for can by easier by using the Favorites category.  The Favorites category allows you to select Slide Styles from multiple categories and access them in one place. Read more

June 21, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Adjusting Slide and Transition Times in the Timeline View

In this weeks Training Tuesday we have a look at the different ways you can adjust slide and transition times in the Timeline view. Read more

June 14, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Trim and Fade in the Timeline View

The Timeline View in Photopia can be used to visually Trim and Fade your Soundtrack. Read more

June 7, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Basic Soundtrack Settings

With Photopia you can customize Volume, Fading and Offsets for your soundtrack. You can set options for the entire show or customize individual tracks. Read more

May 31, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Adding a Banner under a Caption

Captions can be difficult to read when placed over an image that has varying light and dark areas. A common way to make captions easier to read is to add a banner underneath them. Read more

May 24, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Multiple fonts in one Caption

Photopia uses a feature called Rich Text that allows you to assign different fonts in a single caption.  This is done after the caption is created, so when you add a new caption, simply enter your text, and choose a single font. Read more

May 17, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Which Font Did I Use?

Let’s say you’re working on a slideshow and you’ve used several different fonts. You want to be consistent when you add more caption layers but can’t remember which fonts you’ve used in previous slides. You don’t need to hunt through those slides to find the fonts you’ve used. Read more

May 3, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: What is a Global Layer?

A Global Layer is present on every slide in your show. It is designated with a “G” and a number on the right side of the layer in the Layers Tab. Each slide in your show has a global Watermark and Background layer by default. The Global Watermark sits above the Transition divider and defaults to empty. The Global Background sits below the Background divider and defaults to a black Solid Color layer. The images in these layers can be changed. They can also be hidden on individual slides by clicking the eye icon. Any layer in your slide can be turned into a Global Layer. Read more

APRIL 26, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Sections of the Layers List

There are three sections to the Layers List separated by the Transition and Background dividers. These sections determine how layers behave during transitions. Read more

APRIL 19, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Copying / Moving Layers and Slides in the Advanced UI

 In today’s installment of our Training Tuesday series we explain how to copy and move layers and slides in the advanced UI. Read more

APRIL 12, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Copying / Moving Images and Slides in the Light and Basic UIs

Today we show how to copy and move images and slides in the Light and Basic User Interfaces. Read more

APRIL 5, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Creating a simple show in the Light User Interface

In this post we explain how you can easily create a show from scratch in the Light User Interface. Read more

March 29, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Four different User Interface Modes

We’re starting a new “Training Tuesday” series today. In this first installment we take a look at the four different UI modes. Read more

March 11, By Photopia

Winter Theme Pack

Today we are releasing a new Winter Theme Pack! You can download it directly from the News Section of your Photopia Home Page. This Wizard theme comes with 18 Slide Styles in three themed sets, each with its own Title Slide. There are also 6 new Winter Themed Transitions

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