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Adding Multiple Shows into a Project

Did you know you can have multiple shows inside a Photopia Project, allowing you to toggle back and forth between shows easily? This option allows you to publish individual shows into a single video file or DVD chapters..

In today’s blog, you’ll learn how to add multiple shows into a single project and how to publish them together.   Read More


Free Effect Packages from Photopia

As a Photopia subscriber, you can access free effect packages with your subscription. These packages include effects, such as Slide Styles, Transitions, and Templates, that make creating high-quality shows easier.

In today’s blog, you’ll learn where to download and manage packages, including previous ones you may have missed.  Read More


Hidden Gems

Have you ever felt like there are features that you need help finding? Software programs can’t display all features at once. It would be overwhelming if every feature were always in full view.

In today’s blog, we’ll share four of Photopia’s hidden gems you may not have known existed! Read More


Working with the Caption Text Box

The Caption Text Box is a powerful tool for keeping your text organized and visually appealing. This feature prevents text from extending beyond the text box size set by the user, both horizontally and vertically, making your work look more professional and polished.

In today’s blog, we’ll show you how to use this powerful tool to guarantee that your text doesn’t cross over your images or go off-screen. Read More

MARCH 14, By Photopia

Caption Alignment Options

Photopia gives users four choices for horizontal caption alignment and three for vertical alignment. Although these options seem straightforward, they may behave differently than you expect. Read More

FEBRUARY 27, By Photopia

The Power of Shapes

The latest release of Photopia added dozens of new shapes!  In today’s blog, we discuss four different ways you can use shapes to add interest to your slideshows. Read More

FEBRUARY 6, By Photopia

Understanding Volume Points

Photopia determines the level of your soundtrack and the timing of any level changes using Volume Points. Some volume points can be adjusted manually, others can not.  Learn more about the different types of Volume Points in today’s blog. Read More

JANUARY 23, By Photopia

How to improve a choppy preview

Sometimes, you may experience a choppy playback while previewing a show in Photopia. Occasionally, this can be caused by including several large video files in your show. Did you know that running multiple graphics programs or internet browser tabs can also impact video playback? Read more about reducing choppy playback in today’s blog. Read More

JANUARY 9, By Photopia

Using the Wizard to create large shows fast

The Wizard makes it easy to create large shows in record time. If you have hundreds of images but little time to craft each slide, the Wizard can give you exceptional results quickly and easily. Read More

DECEMBER 12, By Photopia

5 Tips for Creating the Best Year-end Slideshow

It’s that time of year for year-end slideshows!  Here are our 5 tips to help you create a year-end slideshow that your audience will rave about. Read More

NOVEMBER 28, By Photopia

Crossfading Soundtracks in the Timeline View


Editing your Soundtrack using its waveform is a great way to gain more precision to your audio editing.  The Timeline view provides all the tools you need to visually edit your soundtracks using their waveform.

Learn more about fading Soundtracks in the Timeline view in today’s blog. Read More

NOVEMBER 14, By Photopia

Video – Speed, Loop, and Hold


Adding video files to your slideshows is a great way to share moving memories.  There may be times when the length of your video file is shorter than the slide and transition times. This can, unfortunately, cause unwanted results.  Photopia provides a few options that can help extend your video file to fit your slide and transition times. 

Learn more about Video Speed, Loop, and Hold in today’s blog.  Read More

OCTOBER 31, By Photopia

Should I Publish in HD or 4K?


When you think about 4K video, you probably think about brilliant, incredibly sharp images that stop you in your tracks, almost as if you could reach out and touch them. 4K resolution displays images with higher quality and clarity than HD, but that doesn’t mean that every production should be rendered in 4K.

Learn more about HD and 4K in today’s blog. Read More

OCTOBER 17, By Photopia

Hue vs. Colorize


Applying color adjustments to an image in Photopia can be done in a few different ways.  Hue and Colorize are two options that are available in both Director and Creator.  

What is the difference between them and how do they adjust the color of images?  Learn more about these two adjustment features in today’s blog. Read More

OCTOBER 3, By Photopia

How Does Photopia Manage Source Files?


When creating a show it’s common to use photos, videos, graphics, and music from different locations on your computer. Photopia automatically gathers all of those files used in a Project into a central location. Read More

SEPTEMBER 19, By Photopia

Create Rising Balloons using Bezier Handles


Today’s blog is a step by step guide for creating rising balloons using Bezier Handles.  This type of practice will increase your understanding of the concept of curved paths and your skills in the tools used to create them.  Read More

SEPTEMBER 6, By Photopia

New version of Director and Creator now available

New Photopia Update – Build 983
This update includes brand new songs in the Music Library, several new features, improved Easing Mode and Motion Path functions, and dozens of improvements throughout the program.

To install this update, click on the green notification in the lower right corner of your program, or click Help in the top menu bar, then Check for Updates.

Today’s video tutorial will guide you through the Easing Mode and Motion Path features.
To learn more about all of the features and improvements included in this update, click here

AUGUST 29, By Photopia

Groups vs the Follow Filter

Groups and the Follow Filter are tools used to animate multiple layers together.  The Follow Filter is only available in Director, but Groups are available in both Director and Creator.  Learn more about the differences between these two features in today’s blog. Read More

AUGUST 22, By Photopia


Some Slide Styles in Photopia Director and Creator can automatically adjust themselves to content with different orientations, such as landscape or portrait. This video shows how to make the best use of these styles. It also shows how Director users can create styles with variants themselves Watch Video

AUGUST 15, By Photopia

Cropping Layers vs Content

Cropping images is a common adjustment that can give your slideshows a more professional edge.  Crop settings for layers are available for both Layers and the Content.  Each of these provides a unique way to apply crops to your images. Read more to learn about these differences. Read more

JULY 25, By Photopia

Why does Power Cycling work?

Has anyone ever told you to shut down a device or program and then turn it back on again to resolve a problem?  This is called Power Cycling and there’s a simple reason why this can work.  Read more

JULY 18, By Photopia

Opening a Project Backup

There may be times when you want to open a previously saved version of your show or project.  This can be done using the Revert option on the Home Page.  In today’s blog you’ll learn about reverting a Project to a backup and the differences between Auto Save and User Save. Read more

JULY 11, By Photopia

Copying Font Settings

Copying a font choice, and other settings, to other slides in a single click can be a real time saver. Photopia provides the ability to copy those settings within a single slide, across your entire show, or to specific layers in other slides. Read more

JULY 5, By Photopia

Customizing Soundtrack Volume During Slide Sounds

There are a couple of scenarios when multiple sounds may be playing at the same time in a show.  Video files with audio, for example, or a narration or sound file added to a slide. These will be playing at the same time as your music soundtrack.  In today’s blog, you’ll learn where to find the settings to customize the levels and fades of those added sounds and the Soundtrack during those sounds. Read more

JUNE 20, By Photopia

Picking the Perfect Color

Choosing the right color for layers, captions, outlines and more is an important feature in Photopia.  In today’s blog you’ll learn four ways to select exactly the color you need. Read more

JUNE 13, By Photopia

Layering Images over a Video File

Layering images on top of video files can be a great way to incorporate longer videos into your shows, while adding extra interest during the extended video time. Your audience will see other images while hearing the audio from the video continuing to play underneath.  

In today’s blog, you’ll learn how to layer images on top of a video file. Read more

JUNE 6, By Photopia

Masking Layers vs Adjustment Layers

Masking Layers and Adjustment Layers are available in both Photopia Director and Creator.  They are applied in the same manner, but function differently. In today’s blog we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between these two features.  Read more

May 30, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Creating a Text Reflection

Reflections can be a visually stunning effect for your slideshows. Creating them takes only a few simple steps and you will gain more experience with Adjustment Settings, Masking Layers, and Groups.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a caption reflection.  Creating image reflections use very similar steps.Read more

May 23, By Photopia

Applying Random Transitions

Photopia gives you the ability to randomly apply transitions to multiple slides at once.  There is an option to use all of the transitions installed in your program, or you can create your own custom set of transitions. Read more

May 17, By Photopia

Creating Scrolling Captions – Full Pan Up

Creating your own scrolling captions is a simple animation that can be done using one of two methods: using Keyframes or the Full Pan Up Behavior Effect.  In today’s blog you’ll learn how to create this effect using the Full Pan Up Behavior Effect.  Read more

May 9, By Photopia

Creating Scrolling Captions – Keyframes

Creating your own scrolling captions is a simple animation that can be done using one of two methods: using Keyframes or the Full Pan Up Behavior Effect. In today’s blog you’ll learn how to create this effect using Keyframes. Read more

May 2, By Photopia

Contained Layers in the Layer List

Certain types of layers in the Layers List can contain other layers inside of them, such as Groups, Masking Layers, and Adjustment Layers. Read more

April 25, By Photopia

Installing an Effect Package

There is a new tutorial video that shows how to install and manage Effects Packages. Watch Video

April 18, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Layer Order in the Layers List

The numerical layer order in the Layers List does not represent a position on the screen or the order in which the images were added to the slide.  The Layer order represents a stacking order, like a deck of cards. Read more

March 28, By Photopia

New Photopia Update – Build 949

There are lots of exciting additions and updates to this new Photopia Build!  Click here to view the entire list of updates.

The most notable update is the introduction of Effects Packages for Photopia Director users.  An Effects Package is a collection of effects, compiled into a single file that can be exported and distributed to others. 

Read more about creating Effects Packages in Director.

March 21, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Using the Font Browser

The Font Browser gives a visual representation of the fonts installed on your system.  This feature can be helpful in finding specific fonts, seeing which fonts are already used in the current show, and viewing what a custom phrase looks like in different fonts. Read more.

March 14, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Applying Styles to Multiple Slides

You can apply a single Slide Style to multiple slides at one time, saving time and creating your shows that much faster. Read more.

March 7, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Nudging

Did you know that you can nudge the position of your layers using the arrow keys on your keyboard? Read more.

February 28, By Photopia

Suspending Photopia Subscriptions

Your Photopia subscription can be temporarily suspended when you know you won’t be using it for a while.  This pauses your billing and program activation but doesn’t cancel them. Read more or watch explanation video

February 14, By Photopia

Deactivating a Photopia License

Your Photopia subscription allows you to install Photopia on two computers, but what can you do if you want to change one of those computers?  How can you remove a license from one computer and add it to another? Learn more

February 7, By Photopia

Transferring Projects and Effects between computers

Your Photopia subscription allows you to install Photopia on two computers, even if they are different operating systems, such as Windows and Mac.  This allows you to work on a Project on a home computer, then transfer it to a laptop to work on the go.

Transferring Projects from one computer to another can be done easily using the Export/Import Libraries feature. Learn more

January 31, By Photopia

Preview Modes – Single, Dual, Triple

When working in the Animations tab, specifically with keyframes, there are options to view your preview with one, two, or three windows.  Each window represents a keyframe.  Learn more

January 24, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Image Orientation and Aspect Ratio

There are two terms that describe the shape of your images: Image Orientation and Aspect Ratio. Read more about these terms in todays’ Training Tuesday.  Learn more

January 17, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Slide Names

Slide names can provide visual information on your slides, including the name of an applied Slide Style or custom information that you add.  Learn more

January 10, By Photopia

Include / Exclude Background from Transitions

When adding a transition between two slides, there is an option to include, or exclude, the background from the transition. This gives you extra visual options when applying some transitions.  Learn more

January 3, By Photopia

Slide Background vs Show Backgroud

Shows in Photopia can have a single Show Background seen on all slides, different backgrounds in individual slides, or both. Learn more

December 21, By Photopia

File Modification Detected

Have you ever noticed a yellow notification in the lower right corner of Photopia that says “File Modification Detected.”?  In today’s blog post you’re going to learn exactly what it means, and what your options are. Learn more

December 6, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: rearranging images in the Content List

The Content List does more than list the contents in your slide. In today’s tutorial you’ll learn how rearranging your images in the Content List affects your images in the Layers List and in Slide Styles. Learn more

NOVEMBER 29, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Managing Linked Content

Linking between layers happens when the same source content is used in a single slide or show template.  This makes it easy to change content across all linked layers. When changing the image source in one layer that is linked to others, they all get updated.  Learn more

NOVEMBER 22, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Rotation Center Point

The Center Point Tool shows the location where a layer rotates and tilts around. You can change its location using the Rotation Center Axis settings. This gives you some amazing animation options! Learn more

NOVEMBER 15, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Animation Tools

There are four animation tools that allow you to transform your layers right in the Preview window.  Learn where to find and how to use these tools in today’s blog. Learn more

NOVEMBER 8, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: The Selection Tool

The Selection Tool allows you to select images in both the Layers list and in the Preview window. When it is disabled you can only select layers in the Layers list. Learn more

NOVEMBER 1, By Photopia

Lily Memorial Style Pack Released

Today we are releasing a new Lily Memorial Style Pack. This Style Pack comes with 14 Slide Styles, including a Title slide and slides that use 1 – 4 images. Many of the Styles will adjust to fit any image orientation. You can download this pack directly from the News Section of your Photopia Home Page. The song used in the preview is called “Another Good Day (Instrumental)” and is available in the Director Music Library.  The transitions used in the preview are Blur-Zoom and various Push transitions that come with both Photopia Director and Creator. Watch Video

OCTOBER 25, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Video Trimmer

The Video Trimmer window allows you to trim either the beginning or ending of any video file in a slide. Learn more

OCTOBER 18, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Audio Trimmer: Trim and Fade

The Audio Trimmer window allows you to trim and fade either the beginning or ending of any Soundtrack. Learn more

OCTOBER 11, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Creating the Typewriter Effect

The Typewriter Effect (individual letters in a text layer appearing one at a time in a specific order) can be created in Photopia by using the Fade In Fly In Effect. Learn more

OCTOBER 4, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Animating Captions with Layers

If you have both an image layer and a caption layer that you want to move together, you may find it easier to animate them as a single unit by putting them in a Group. Learn more

SEPTEMBER 27, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Hidden Slide Styles

Have you ever searched for a Slide Style that you know you have installed, but just can’t seem to find it?  Well, it may be hidden from you if you previously set a Search Filter. Learn more

SEPTEMBER 20, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Slide Timing Mode

There are several options for how your slide time is set.  In the bottom right corner of every slide you will see a Timing Mode icon. Learn more

SEPTEMBER 14, By Photopia

Sending a Problem Report

SEPTEMBER 6, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Remix With Wizard

The Wizard is a great tool to start building a new show with some assistance from Photopia, but did you know that the Wizard is available to be used while you are working on a show?  Continue reading more to learn about all the Wizard Remix options. Read more

AUGUST 30, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Deleting and Restoring Projects

One of the new additions to Photopia 2.0 that allows for more flexibility in deleting shows is the new Trash Project Group. Read more

AUGUST 23, By Photopia

Today is the day! The next version of Photopia is finally here!

We just released version 2.0 of Director and Creator. There are a ton of new features and improvements.  Read more

AUGUST 16, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Adding Sound to a Slide

You can add a sound file to a single slide or record your own voice narration from the Slide Sound Tab. Read more

AUGUST 9, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Go To Slide

Did you know that you can jump directly to a slide that has a specific image in it?

The Browser indicates that an image is included in your slide show by placing a green number in the upper right corner of that image. Read more

AUGUST 3, By Photopia

We Hear You

We receive a lot of requests from our wonderful customers, everything from small changes to entirely new features. Rest assured, we hear you. A big Photopia update is on the way and here are some of the most popular requests you can expect to see included.
Watch Video or Read more

July 26, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Change Duration of Multiple Slides or Transitions at Once

When working in the Slides list, you can set the duration of an individual Slide / Transition OR change the duration of multiple Slides / Transitions to the same value all at once.  Read more

July 19, By Photopia

Training Tuesday:

Animating Layers inside an Animated Group

In the last blog, you learned how to Animate a Multi-Layer Group.  This week, we’ll take it one step further and animate some of the layers inside that Group, while the Group is also animated. Read more

July 12, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Animating a Multi-Layer Group

If you want two or more Layers to move, zoom, tilt, or rotate in unison, the best way to do this is to put them in a Group then animate the Group. Read more

July 5, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Removing a Slide Style from your Slide

There are two ways to remove a Slide Style after it has been applied, if you decide you don’t like it. Read more

June 28, By Photopia

Training Tuesday:Adding and Removing Slide Styles from Favorites

You may have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Slide Styles in your Photopia program.  Finding just the right style that you’re looking for can by easier by using the Favorites category.  The Favorites category allows you to select Slide Styles from multiple categories and access them in one place. Read more

June 21, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Adjusting Slide and Transition Times in the Timeline View

In this weeks Training Tuesday we have a look at the different ways you can adjust slide and transition times in the Timeline view. Read more

June 14, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Trim and Fade in the Timeline View

The Timeline View in Photopia can be used to visually Trim and Fade your Soundtrack. Read more

June 7, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Basic Soundtrack Settings

With Photopia you can customize Volume, Fading and Offsets for your soundtrack. You can set options for the entire show or customize individual tracks. Read more

May 31, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Adding a Banner under a Caption

Captions can be difficult to read when placed over an image that has varying light and dark areas. A common way to make captions easier to read is to add a banner underneath them. Read more

May 24, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Multiple fonts in one Caption

Photopia uses a feature called Rich Text that allows you to assign different fonts in a single caption.  This is done after the caption is created, so when you add a new caption, simply enter your text, and choose a single font. Read more

May 17, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Which Font Did I Use?

Let’s say you’re working on a slideshow and you’ve used several different fonts. You want to be consistent when you add more caption layers but can’t remember which fonts you’ve used in previous slides. You don’t need to hunt through those slides to find the fonts you’ve used. Read more

May 3, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: What is a Global Layer?

A Global Layer is present on every slide in your show. It is designated with a “G” and a number on the right side of the layer in the Layers Tab. Each slide in your show has a global Watermark and Background layer by default. The Global Watermark sits above the Transition divider and defaults to empty. The Global Background sits below the Background divider and defaults to a black Solid Color layer. The images in these layers can be changed. They can also be hidden on individual slides by clicking the eye icon. Any layer in your slide can be turned into a Global Layer. Read more

APRIL 26, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Sections of the Layers List

There are three sections to the Layers List separated by the Transition and Background dividers. These sections determine how layers behave during transitions. Read more

APRIL 19, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Copying / Moving Layers and Slides in the Advanced UI

 In today’s installment of our Training Tuesday series we explain how to copy and move layers and slides in the advanced UI. Read more

APRIL 12, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Copying / Moving Images and Slides in the Light and Basic UIs

Today we show how to copy and move images and slides in the Light and Basic User Interfaces. Read more

APRIL 5, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Creating a simple show in the Light User Interface

In this post we explain how you can easily create a show from scratch in the Light User Interface. Read more

March 29, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Four different User Interface Modes

We’re starting a new “Training Tuesday” series today. In this first installment we take a look at the four different UI modes. Read more

March 11, By Photopia

Winter Theme Pack

Today we are releasing a new Winter Theme Pack! You can download it directly from the News Section of your Photopia Home Page. This Wizard theme comes with 18 Slide Styles in three themed sets, each with its own Title Slide. There are also 6 new Winter Themed Transitions

If you have any issues that you need help with or think something odd is happening in the program that you would like Photopia to know about, use the Send Problem Report option. Learn more

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