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Slide Show Issue

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Samuel Kinsey
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I just started using Photopia Creator. In reviewing my project, the slides move from one to the other in a jerking like motion. what can I do to fix it?

Jerry Hatfield
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There are a couple of settings under preferences; Playback and Cache settings. Make sure the 'Use DirectX' tickbox is checked. Also, the Cache settings should be automatic. The size on disk will change as your project grows. You can always increase the space allowed, provided you have the extra drive space. The rest of it comes down to the speed of your computer and it's sub systems.

What are the specifications of your computer? What version of Windows are you using; CPU type/model and speed; GPU Brand and Model; Type of Hard drives---HDD(mechanical), SSD(solid state), NVME (solid state and extremely fast). Finally, how much RAM do you have on the system.

Do you have your OS, Programs, and stored Photopia Projects/exported video stored on the same drive? This will tend to slow a system down besides being risky if that one drive bellies up.