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Colin workman
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Anyone any idea why creator keeps crashing?  Im trying to publish my show and it just wont comply.  Tried on three machines now and the same erroor follows me. 


It either sticks on importing the audio of the video clip or gets to about 20% exported and keels over 




Jerry Hatfield
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There are a couple of things you can check.

1). How full are the editing and ingest drives? Are the ingest, editing,  export and system drives the same drive?

2). If you are using  Windows, have you ever cleaned out your 2 temp file folders?

3). During ingest/export, is your computer over heating?.

4). Try this: Start a new wizard project and import 25-30 pictures. Import the same audio files you used before.  Let the wizard create a show. Place the audio files where you want them. Now attempt to export your show. If this project exports, your previous project may be corrupt.

5). You could try uninstalling and reinstalling Photopia.

These are just a few of the usual suspects.