creator crashing  


Richard Hotmer
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25/03/2020 3:06 pm  

Has anyone had problems with the creator crashing. I was running the creator on my old dell pc and had a lot of issues with it crashing, freezing up. I contacted support and said to disable my anti- virus. It seemed to help but not that much. I just purchased a new dell xps and I'm still having issues. I tried to make a video file to publish on you tube and it got to about 50% and stopped. everything froze up. I've asked for a refund. I never had any problems with the proshow gold.

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28/03/2020 2:39 am  


We've sent a reply to your most recent eMail feedback regarding some of our earlier troubleshooting steps.  Please get back to us on that eMail at your earliest convenience as we would very much like to figure out this issue you've been running into.

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