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[Closed] Photopia for Mac

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We're very happy to announce the public release of Photopia Creator / Director for Mac!!

This is a project we've been working on for quite some time and we're excited to see that release day has finally arrived.  If you're running macOS 10.14 "Mojave" (or later) with 8+ GBs of RAM, please consider getting the new Mac version of Creator / Director from the Downloads section of our website.  There is a 21-day evaluation period for the Mac product, just like its Windows counterpart, so feel free to dive right in.

If you already have an active subscription for the Windows version of Photopia Creator / Director, that same subscription will work for the Mac version as well.  Photopia subscriptions are each valid for up to two concurrent installations, regardless of platform, and subscription activations can be managed from the following location on our website.

"My Account" > "Subscriptions" > "View" > "Manage License"

Photopia for Mac is fully compatible with the Windows version and comes with a nearly identical feature set, including the same high-quality royalty free Music Library with all the same tracks.  It's even possible to use the same projects, slide styles, and transitions on both platforms.

Please feel free to reach out through the Contact Us form on our website for any questions / assistance with the new product.