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If you don't know anything about us, we're a group of software designers, developers, and support staff with a passion for slideshow applications.  Some of us previously worked together on the award winning suite of ProShow applications at Photodex.  Our new company, Photopia, is happy to announce the next evolution in slideshow creation tools, Photopia Creator and Director.

With this new endeavor we've taken a different approach to the traditional software model.  Rather than selling a static program with infrequent updates we're focused on providing a dynamic product that grows and changes with our customer base.  New features, bug fixes, and other changes are available to every customer through an ongoing subscription service.  There is even a system in place to 'suspend' subscriptions, so you're only paying for the time you actually use.  It's a model that allows us to focus more intently on product improvements while spending less time addressing legacy issues, pushing upgrades, and focusing on the numerous other details that can distract a team from putting out the best software possible.

We're veterans in this industry who understand the importance of customer feedback.  If you see something out of place, a software bug, a missing feature, or a detail on the website that needs to be addressed just let us know.  The best way to get in touch with us is through our Contact Us form, where we're able to start a dialog by eMail to get things sorted out quickly.

For further information about our company, products, and other frequently discussed topics please visit our Help Center.  You can also search the forum for answers or just Contact Us directly and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you for your time.