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Windows 7 Users are you able to Render shows?

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Keith Simonian
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I've loaded both old shows from Proshow Producer and created a new slide show of just 14 pictures to test the render function. No Luck. 
I've tried 4K file outputs, 1080P, and even 720P outputs with no luck. Wondering if this glitch is just my computer, or if others are having this problem. 
I even tried to output a show via the option. No luck, the program just hangs when I try to render a show.  
Just a side note, I noticed the youtube outputs top out at 1080P. Youtube has been taking 4K videos for a while now. 

I'll be honest, I won't be happy shelling out a monthly fee for the next version of Proshow, but when push comes to shove, I most likely will. 
Of course, I will only "pony up the dough" for a program that works. 

Member Admin
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Please reach out through our Contact Us form so we can troubleshoot this issue, where we may need to go through a number of tests to see what's going on.  Thank you.