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video file issues

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I am having loads of issues with loading video files!!

Firstly.  Some files load and play fine both audio and video. Others will load just video and no audio, whilst some will just be corrupted as they playback. Seems to be mainly .avi files but others such as .wmv have same issues. They play fine in Proshow and all other video editing or playback programmes.

Some of the .avi files do not even load or show in the file info box as video at all.

When one does load into a slide ok then it at first appeared to be impossible to adjust the volume on the clip.

I  tried all the volume sliders in the layer, adjustments and animation tabs both individually and all together and every other combination. All to no avail.

Then....I found that if you go into Timeline view first, click on the video row and adjust the volume there, then the sliders will move and going back into the slides view and adjustments work???? But the adjustments don't work "live". i.e. you have to stop playback, adjust then start playback.

Don't hit reset layer or you have to go back to not having sliders work until going into timeline etc......

There are other "strange" things I noticed but tbh I am about to give up and I have not even gotten to the point where I am able to put together a proper show from scratch. Maybe a very basic one with just photos and a few relatively simple effects but at the moment I would not even attempt to make one with a mix of media and "special" effects.

Basically, it aint good but hey ho, I have another few days of trial to play around.








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We've addressed this message through eMail.  Please followup with us if you have any further questions.

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I am about ready to give up on this software. It was working fine until this week. Now, when I put an mp4 into the show it is completely out of sync. This was posted: "In Director, once you have chosen the "Timeline" view, you can expand that (lower) section of the screen to "magnify" the three audios: The soundtrack, the slidesound, and the video sound. You can then drag the video soundtrack left-right to better sync with the actual video image. As an alternative to dragging the video sound left-right, once you've highlighted the video slide, you can also go to the "Audio Setting -- Soundtrack -- Video Sound" listing where, on the "Soundtrack Tab" you will find an "Offset" option to change the value numerically." The dragging doesn't work at all. And the numerical bit is a nightmare. Can't get the lips to line up with the audio at all! The mp4s I am using were all perfectly in sync. Put them in this software and they are out of sync! I have sent 2 emails but no response. I cannot wait forever for support here. Not working for me. I am dead in the water with projects that were due last week! I am looking for alternatives to this software. I miss ProShow Gold!!! Also trimming is slow and out of sync. I am afraid to download the update because I have heard bad things about this too. One more day - and I cancel this subscription. Can anyone help?  I miss the days of being able to speak to a live person for support!!!