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Reproducible program crashes/Missing features

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When I create a new project and run the wizard (selecting theme, content, music), then I can start playing a preview video afterwards, before opening the project in the actual UI. Almost every time I press play in that preview window, the program crashes (tried different folders and files), so now my workaround is to NOT play the preview but open the project in the UI and then immediately save it. It would be nice though, if the software wouldn't crash.

Another thing that is not buggy but very tedious to change is when there are multiple layers of a slide with the same content (photo or video). If I want to change the keyframes to adjust the animation, I have to do this for every layer seperately (e.g. the layer with the "normal" view, the layer with the "blurred" view, the layer with the "glow" effect). This is very inefficient and I manually have to write down notes about the keyframe timings, so I can apply them to all layers with the same values. What's also not possible is entering time codes for key frames via keyboard, the only option is to (more or less exactly) pull the sliders on the timeline.

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We agree with the basic premise that it would be nice if the program wouldn't crash. That's certainly our goal and to that end we would like to work with you on this playback / crash issue. Please reach out through the Contact Us form on our website to start that process.

On the subject of changing keyframe times, there are two details that may help.

1) The "Keyframes" list at the bottom of the program, where the "Slides" / "Timeline" lists are shown, can be a useful tool in aligning keyframes from multiple layers.

2) Right-clicking on a keyframe in any keyframe timeline should provide a "Set Time for Keyframe(s)" option, so you can type in the exact time needed. Note that this option can be used on multiple keyframes (from different layers) at once in the "Keyframes" list. Use the CTRL key to select multiple keyframes (one from each layer) before using that "Set Time for Keyframe(s)" option. Alternatively, there is also an "Align Keyframes" option in that right-click menu which provides a similar functionality, assuming at least one keyframe in the selected set is already at the desired position.

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