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Publishing to bluray disc

Richard Hotmer
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 I went to publish a show to bluray disc. After completion I went to play on my PlayStation 4  which is bluray compatible. and it said it didn't support  the disc. when I played it on another bluray player it opened up as folders instead as a video. had to scroll down to folder that said streaming. opened that and clicked file and video would play. Just wanted  to know if anyone else has had that problem. Joshua from Photopia is aware of this.

Duane Calvin
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I’ve had two problems with BluRay publishing, Richard.

1. A large 8 show project consistently crashes about 30-90 minutes into creating an .iso file.  Joshua is aware and they are looking at it.

2.  To satisfy myself that it could create an .iso file, I created a BluRay from a small single show project. When I tried to play the disc in my Samsung BluRay player the disc was not recognized.  If I play it in the PC, then it works.  

I think they have a couple bugs to sort out in their BluRay creation routines.   I have generated DVD .iso files and created working DVDs from them.  Hope this info is helpful.  I feel your pain!


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We do have some issues to resolve where Blu-ray output is concerned and we're working on those problems.  Unfortunately, they've proven to be a bit more complicated than expected so we're not quite ready with any fixes.  Rest assured that these are some of our top priorities and we hope to see them resolved as quickly as possible.

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