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Publish to .mov file with alpha background

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Murray Sexton
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I am animating a balloon popping and flying around the room. I want to publish it to a .mov file with a transparent alpha background (.mov because that format supports transparency), and then sandwich it among other similar layers in the final composite animation. I have tried everything I can think of, but I always end up with a black background instead of transparency.

I have tried:

turning off the global background;
turning it on, but setting the color to black and the alpha to zero;
turning it on, but setting the color to black and the alpha to 255;
replacing the background with a transparent .png file.

I have resorted to greenscreen, but the quality of the edges is very poor, no matter what adjustments I make in chromakey. I think a pure alpha background would give a much superior result.

Please tell me what settings to use, or else please add this as a feature request.


Jerry Hatfield
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While Photopia will work with apha during the designing stage, I do not see any codecs that support 4444+alpha output. These numbers are what you need to see when using .mov. 

Prores output is only 422 and that isn't even HQ. I've requested HQ to be added. When you output from Photopis the image is flattened.

If you can create your alpha within another program and then import it into Photopia, I don't see why you couldn't get close to what you want to do.

Personally, I would use an NLE to make this segment and then import that into Photopia as a video.

Make a feature request for an alpha export codec.

Jerry Hatfield
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Is this something like what you are wanting to do? If so, you will need either an NLE or a program with which you are familiar to Chroma Key the background out and then export it to Prores 4444+alpha. This will then import into Photopia without issue. Watch the video.


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