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Project panel empty - Help !

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Hello, i'm having a big problem when launching Photopia (Director).

Now, the project panel is empty. No more show in the list.


Possible cause :

I have changed the location of my slideshows on the hard drive, and since then (I suppose) I have this "bug".


Workaround :

Luckilly, when going to the folder and trying to double-clic on a show (file type NPS), the show will open, and I have to SAVE AS (with the same name, to override it). Then I can see the show again in the project list.

So, I will have to OPEN and SAVE AS every and each show I have created earlier (well there are only 10 shows, since using Photopia...).

But the fact is, there is no way to OPEN directly a show from the PROJET PANEL, other than selecting a show that PHOTOPIA has managed through the SAVE command. And when you change the location of your shows... Photopia seems to be lost (link broken).


My questions :

1. Am I the only one having this strange behaviour ?

2. Could there be a new button in the "WELCOME PANEL" other than "Watch intro video", "Start new project" and "Open most recent project" ?

3. Could there be a SELECT button on the main PROJECT PANEL (other than "New project", "Import", "Manage Effects", and "Help" ?

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me.  😉 


Serge from France.

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It sounds like you've manually moved your project folder to a different location on the system, outside of Photopia.  If this is the case, that isn't a 'bug' but it would certainly cause Photopia to lose track of where those projects are stored.  We haven't heard of this issue from other customers, to my knowledge, but it makes sense given how programs work.

Once a project has been moved, it can be re-added to the program using the "Import" button from the main 'projects window'.  The 'save' option should not be necessary in that process.  We'll look into the behavior you ran into while opening those NPS files directly.

You've asked about adding some new buttons in a couple of places.  Feel free to send over ideas,  using the Contact Us option on our website, for the buttons / options you want to see added.  We're always on the lookout for good feature requests.

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Hi Joshua,

thank's for your quick reply.

Indeed, I've moved the files outside of Photopia, as I didn't know that Photopia behaves as Lightroom (for instance) does.

So I tried the IMPORT function, but now I'm facing another issue.

Photopia shows me the name of my show in the Windows banner (top of the Photopia window, next to "Photopia Direrctor").

But all is empty.

The project pane shows me a black rectangle, with the name of the show, and a duration of 00:00:00

The Show pane is 3 black rectangles (empty show).

So  what I think has happened during the IMPORT process (button on the very top of the Project panel, not the IMPORT from the small wizard window which is for importing Proshow only) :

1. Photopia has created a subfolder with the same name as the NPS file,

2. Photopia has moved all the files in a second file structure similar to the original one, but in that subfolder.

3. Photopia has created a blank NPS file in the higher level folder (where the original NPS file was)

4. If I choose to open the NPS file from the higher folder level, Photopia opens a blank project (the file has only 32Kb), minimal NPS structure of an empty project.

5. If I choose to open the NPS file from the subfolder level, Photopia opens now the good original project/show.

6. The SAVE button is not necessary, as you told me. OK.


To sum up :

So the IMPORT function is quite OK, but there is that bug of creating a sublevel file structure and moving all the DATA in it, as well as the NPS file.

Now how can I manage those folders without using the Windows Explorer ?

I would like to suppress one level of subfolder which is unnecessary. That's why I asked for some button (like SELECT or EXPLORE) to manage the location of my projects/shows.


How it works in Lightroom (for instance) :

For the folders containing photos which are referenced in the Lightroom Catalog, but are missing at the location pointed by the Catalog, Adobe has put a right-click on that greyed folder (showing up a "?" question mark beside it), so that the user is able to explore his Hard Drive and search for the new location of that "missing" folder (and its photos).

So the user can redo the association between the "lightroom internal forlder management system" and the "real windows forlder world".

Easy to explain, but needs certainly a lot more time to develop in Photopia...