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Problem creating a menu file for the title page without seeing the yellow line

David Pillow
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In photopia I can't create a custom title page like I could in proshow.   I tried several options but when I play the blue ray the title page has a yellow line around something visible and detracts from the appearance of the title page.  In proshow I created a custom menu and added a layer that was just black color and enlarged it a bit larger than the screen and selected that layer to be the one that started the slideshow on a click - then the yellow box around it was not visible on the title page.  Does anyone have a tip for creating a title page in photopia without the visible yellow line?

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We don't have a great solution for this setup right now, but I know that overhauling the menu system for Blu-ray / DVD output is on the feature request short list. I'll make sure this particular usage is considered as part of that process.

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