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Photopia Director constantly crashing

Tamara Wawrosch
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I would consider myself an experienced Proshow Producer user.  I used Photopia Director to make one show in the spring because I was in a jam.  I have been trying to use Director again for the last several days with constant crashing.  Constant. I've reached out via contact form 2x with no response. 

My PC has AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics, 2.90 GHz, 16 GB RAM 

When I'm using Photopia and nothing else it eats all my memory and freezes up or crashes.  Any insight?  Help?  TIA


Maggi Derry
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This is happening to me as well. When running Photopia, everything freezes, i get a "not responding" alert and then it all crashes.

Matthias Freund
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I echo your concern. Just started using Photopia Director after using ProShow Producer for the past 6 years. Photopia is unstable, crashes at least once a day, and at times behaves very strange. I copied a text layer from one slide to another one. It worked, but the text size was 2x the original one in the new slide. Strange thing was, the Font Size listed in the Caption Setting window was for both slides 12. I can't work with an unstable and unpredictable software like this.


I use a 16" MacBook Pro, Intel i9 processor, 16 GB RAM.



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We recently resolved an issue that could result in excess memory usage when working with larger shows. I believe everyone in this thread has already reached out to us through email for direct assistance. If you're still having trouble make sure the program is updated then send a follow-up email (or use the Contact Us form) so we can continue troubleshooting the problem.

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