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Layer focus between slides  


Stuart Lothian
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29/06/2020 11:31 am  

If I am working on a specific layer (say layer 2) and have “clicked” on it so it has [focus] and want to compare in the following slide, I’ll move to the next slide by clicking on the {next slide button}.  When clicking back to the previous slide I find the [focus] has moved from the “target layer (2)” to the layer at the top of the list, layer 1.  This is a frustration when working on 36 layers!!  I would like to have the ability to move back without having to scroll down back to the layer I want to compare.  i.e. the previous slide and keep [focus] on my working layer. Can this be done?

Member Admin
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30/06/2020 7:21 am  


I believe the behavior you're seeing is expected, although there does appear to be room for improvement in this workflow.  We'll take a look at this scenario to see where it can be improved.  Thank you.

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