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First show from scratch, many problems.

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Sergio Bracali
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Ok, I'm trying to create a project from scratch.
I created a new project. I see a first show is automatically created inside it, with the same name. I changed the name and tried to add slides. I selected 84 slides and i inserted them. I had problems.

Problems when adding slides to a show:
- slides are not in the oder I selected them (in this case, alphabetical order)
- some thumbnails don't show until you click on them.
- in the layer panel on the right a strange rectangle seems to appear under the slide, either on it's left or right, depending on the zoom level of the main window.

I don't have much time now to try applying animation and effects but it doesn't seems to be so intuitive:

- The main preview window is confusing. A large "smoothness" box occupes part of the slide just across it's border, making it hard to see where the real image ends.  My show will be 16:9 while the slides are 3:2 photos, so all of them will be cropped and I need to adjust cropping for each one and I need to see the border of the slide.
Generally speaking, no objets or commands shoud occupy the preview area.

- If you use the zoom in the upper right corner of the preview is impossible to go back to 100%.

- Slide adjustment only affects keyframe n°1, so it's difficult to apply the same settings to both keyframes as a starting point. As far as start and end of motion are identical, the adjustment tab should apply to both (like it was in Proshow), so you can set a general zoom and panning and then change keyframe 2 settings to create animation.

The attached image shows the strange rectangle and the dark thumbnails.

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Sergio Bracali
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Now, when I open the project I saved yesterday, only 40 of the 84 slides I added have been saved, and they are not in the right order. 

I removed all the slides from the show and I'm trying to add them all again. In the browsing window some rows are corrupted (see attached image). Also, there is a column named "duration" in the list but it only shows 0:00:00 or nothing at all. 

When the import starts the main window partly disappear. It takes a while to import but this may be normal with 84 photos, 3 to 11 MB. Proshow was also slow, probably slower.

It's the same as yesterday. now I'we all the 84 pics in the show, I'm not sure about the order and more or less half of them appear dark in the slides list and in the timeline. 

I save ad close the project. I open it again.

This time all the 84 slides are apparently there. No more dark slides. The order is probably  correct but i need to verify to be sure.