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Change slide order?

Rebecca Broderick
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Somehow my slides are in descending order instead of ascending (in filename order)   How do I fix this?

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Once those images have been added to your slideshow, you should be able to change their order by drag-and-drop within the list of slides. If you want to add the images in a different order, try changing that order in the "Browser" before adding them to the show. There is an ascending / descending toggle just to the right of the "Sort by" option in the "Browser" to help get those images in the desired order. Photopia should respect the listed order when those images are dragged into a show. If you find otherwise, please reach out through the Contact Us form on our website and we'll look into the issue further.

Rhonda Brown
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@joshua - There needs to be a more efficient way to rearrange slide order than drag & move every single side you want to re-arrange in your timeline.  The suggestion of doing it in the browser in the creation phase is not very useful.  I'm sure I am not alone that when previewing your show, you always need to make adjustments based on a creative after thought.  


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