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My Media Management Method  


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19/06/2020 5:17 am  

Media Management is something that most application users usually avoid getting too involved in. A well designed application, like Photopia Director or Creator, will already have a well automated media management system.
However, a well functioning media management system can end up causing problems, if the user does not realise how it works.
In the following video tutorial I will describe what I have found under the hood in Photopia and how I have gone about utilising it to my advantage.



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23/06/2020 8:27 pm  


Nice tutorial Douglas, I do the same thing with the video files using Movavi Video Editor.


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06/07/2020 12:14 am  

Good tutorial. I found out the hard way what was going on when I attempted to import a 500 image show from PSP. Almost ran out of disc space on the 'C' drive as that is the default for Photopia. Figured out how to change that. In my opinion choosing to copy files instead of referencing files was a bad design decision. Most other programs I have been looking at address files by reference instead of copy.

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