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keyframe soundtrack

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i can t remove or add keyframes on sountrack of the show
Right click not work 
Can you please help me?

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Vagelis ("Vangelis"?) -

Keyframes are used to control display of images and videos. Sounds used in Soundtracks, Videos and SlideSounds, are not controlled by keyframes, only by volume control points. Note the attached JPEG where sounds for slides 10-12 are displayed for the Soundtrack and Slide Sound, but no Keyframes are indicated. When shown in the Keyframe view, the keyframes are displayed--and used to control display of the images and videos.

To control the sounds, click the "Soundtrack", "Video", or "Slide Sound" heading at the left edge of the tracks, then click on the "Volume Control Points" button at the right edge of the soundtracks, and then add-adjust-delete those control points and/or slide the sound(s) left-right as needed.

     - Dean A.


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