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Creating show with continuous loop?

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Gretchen Dorian
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Any tips or tricks, cant seem to figure it out....need continous loop for an event !

Thank you,, gretchen

Jerry Hatfield
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This would be a function of the playback device. If you are playing the file from a USB stick on a smart tv, the tv's player would need to have a loop option.

I have an LG Smart TV and it has a loop option. 

If you are using a DVD/BD player, the player would need a loop function(most do). Depending on the authoring software, the disc could be authored to loop.

I know I could loop discs using Encore CS6. 

If you are playing from a laptop, the player used will need a loop option. The screen shot is from the VLC player.

No matter which media delivery method is used, have the  user or users verify that the playback device and media will work properly prior to attempting to display the media at an actual event.

Just remember that the playback device controls playback functions.

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