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Red Eye Remover

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Maggi Derry
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I do funeral DVD's so I get a ton of photos that I scan from 80-90's with red eye. Would love this feature back. And if it already a feature - I'm sorry- I don't know where it is! 

Jay R. Reichmuth
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I do the same thing.  I added an external editor, like PhotoStudio which has a red eye removal tool.  It would be nice to have a built in red eye removal tool integrated into Photopia, though.

Jerry Hatfield
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I've done a few memorials and a red eye removal tool is the least of my worries. I recently had to scan 1300 photos/slides for 2 memorials and all of those had to be processed with Photoshop in one way or another. I may have used the red eye removal tool a total of 40 times. Basically, each photo had to have a mini restoration.

It's fine to have a red eye removal tool built in, but it won't match the power of a stand alone photo editing package. I prefer to have all of my images completely processed before I start working on the slide show. It just makes things easier. Invariably, you will miss something and that is where having the option to open the stand alone editor up through Photopia is a major plus. Even working with digital photos requires having to correct flaws. It just won't be a restoration project. 

If Photoshop is too expensive or daunting, look at Affinity 2.0.  Affinity 2

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