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Andreas Enzinger
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01/05/2020 2:19 pm  

Good afternoon 

When I use the wizard command for creating a show, how I can modify the energy level without music? 

Without music the duration of each slide and transition is what I preset in my preferences. Always the same for each slide and transition 

And when I add music the show will have exactly the duration of the music but with different duration for the slides and transitions. 

I wold like to create a wizard show with different slide and transition durations and where I can chose myself the energy level, and without adding music 

In PS it was possible, in creator I can't find how to do 

Thanks for your help


Best regards





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06/05/2020 5:33 pm  


This is an area of the Photopia Wizard that we plan to improve, along with a number of other changes.  As it stands now, the only way to automatically bias the duration of those slides / transitions in the Wizard is to include an audio track and rely on the syncing process.  We understand that the Wizard is an important feature and want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves, which we're not quite ready to dive into at the moment.  We'll make sure this detail is included in that process once it happens.

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