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Troubles with iMac Version

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Maia Nartoomid
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Where shall I begin?

First, I cannot access my external drive through the software.

Second, when I load music in by dragging and dropping (since this is the only way I can get anything from my external into the Show) It disappears from my site. I need to be able to move it around and adjust the sound.

I have had Photopia on PC and totally different. I am totally not able to use this version. Can't access external and can't see or modify music!

Member Admin
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Photopia on the Mac requires folders to be 'mounted' before they can be used in our "Browser". There is a message in the lower-left corner of the "Browser" window that covers the process for adding a folder / drive to the program. Once a location has been 'mounted' (either by clicking on that message and opening the desired location through the resulting pop-up window OR by dragging the desired location onto that message and dropping it) you should find that it shows up in the "Mounted Folders" section of the "Browser".

That should address the first concern raised here, although I'm not sure exactly what is going on with the second concern. Audio files added to the show soundtrack should appear in the "Soundtrack" section under the "Show" tab. I would look there first, then reach out through the Contact Us form on our site if you're still having any trouble.

Moyra Wengret
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