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Timeline mode: scrubber/time indication slider movement

Stuart Lothian
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When watching a playback the scrubber/time indicator moves from left to right across the photos/sound track.  However, when it gets to the far right, it seems to resume at  the 75% position, i.e. 3/4 across the timeline ruler and not at the far left.  Why is this?  Why does it not resume at the far left, so you can see as much as the coming photos and more importantly as much of the sound track as possible?  Thx

Robert McMurray
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It seems that the timeline advances 1 slide at a time. You can submit a request for a change, not sure if they will add it to the list or not.


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I believe the current behavior is designed to minimize the slide list 'jumping' across the screen as playback reaches the end of the displayed list, which can be distracting / disorienting. We can certainly look into other options that might also address your concerns.

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