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Simple and complete way of exporting copy of ALL extras for migrating to a new computer

Ed Overstreet
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I will soon have to replace my aging computer.  I want to be able to ensure that ALL my current extras INCLUDING all the categorizations and Favourite tags I've put in them, will correctly and fully transfer over to the new computer after I've installed Photopia on it.  (I want to do the same for Creator as well, I have both programs).  Currently there is no simple way to do this that I can see.  I have occasionally imported ProShow extras into both programs and also tried exporting a couple of extras from Director to Creator on my current system, but I find that some of the categorizations (notably the Favourites) don't transfer over correctly or at all when I do this.  These extras are presumably stored somewhere in my Mac operating system, maybe in Library I'm not sure.  It should be possible for Photopia to design a feature in an upgrade that would with one simple dialog box copy and transfer all extras into a designated backup folder on a drive (whether internal, external, or a flash card for example) from which I could using the same dialog box  restore those features into the installations on my new system from that same backup folder.  I can do this sot of thing very easily on my current photo editing program (ON1 PhotoRAW 2022) for backing up and transferring program settings and extras (presets, album structures, etc) to a new installation, and I see no particular technical or other reason why Photopia couldn't also design something equivalent for Creator and Director.  Please give this a priority.  Thanks

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While this feature is not currently available in Photopia, it's a solid request that we do have logged and intend to add in a future update.

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