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Michael Gilbert
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In PSP when working on an image and adding effects you can push a preview button that then displays the image from the start of transition in until the end of transition out. It then allows further work on the image, i.e. changing various settings until you get what you like. The preview button in Photopia displays the image from the start but then continues to play the rest of the show. The button in fact states that it is a show preview. Part of the effects allows for the simple preview of the image but only that effect. Will there be a preview button that will play the entire image and all effects, animations, etc. just for that image and then allow additional editing. Many times when working on a show after I have put in all or most of the images I then go back and add the various effects. In fact in PSP after you have finished with an image you can go to the next, go to the previous or exit that function.

Member Admin
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Please take a look at the latest build, where you'll find a 'play slide' button to the right of the show duration label under the main Preview area.  This feature should address most of the concerns you've raised, but please feel free to reach out through our Contact Us form if you have other suggestions or if anything isn't quite right.

Sergio Bracali
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The play slide button works but if you are in full screen preview mode, once the single slide preview ends you see the previous slide, not the one you were working on. This doesn't happen if the full screen preview mode is off.