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Keyframe Help-Alternating Portrait Tilt Slide Style

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Kathy Ramirez
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I'm putting together some videos for my wife's "virtual dance" recital, and I'm using the Alternating Portrait Tilt slide style to showcase her students before each dance.

The slide style allows for 5 images, but on the first dance we have 13 dancers. I, for the life of me, can't figure out how to use keyframes to extend the number of images floating across the screen. I've increased the timing of the slide to accommodate the additional photos, but it's still not working.

Any help, guidance or even a modified slide style would be extremely helpful... our virtual showcase is coming up in a couple of weeks!!!

Dean Athans
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Kathy -

In similar circumstances I have used that same style on two or more consecutive slides of 5 images each. I know it isn't as "sophisticated" as a single, 13-image, slide, but you can achieve a pretty nice effect. If you try it out, adjust the interim transition between those two slides to see which one you like best.

There are also several other styles available that can accommodate more than 10 layers. You could use one of these that works with 15 layers, for example, and "pad" the unused layers with the group name, logo, title slide, etc.

Good luck with whatever you use.

     - Dean A.

PS: I have rarely tried to edit a slide style when using it in a different way from what was intended (such as in raising your image count from 5 to 13). In some cases that is easy to do, but in others it can be a lot more complicated and time consuming.

     - Dean