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How Does a New Photopia Director User Get Help?

Rhonda Brown
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Hello, I just purchased Photopia Director, I'm a former fan of Photodex Pro Show Gold and ever since they closed up, I've tried several different slide show programs and they were lacking.  I was so excited when I found Photopia claiming to be answer for Photodex/Pro Show users.  After one day, I'm in buyers remorse.  The video tutorials lack a lot of detail, I was hoping for a user guide to no avail.  It's going to be a long learning process.  

My issue right now is using the Wizard, I've added my photos and audio and in preview, I'm not crazy about my theme choice.  Went to Effects/Manage Effects/Wizard Themes and it's not much way to preview a theme, just an overview, when I select something else, click done and go back to my show and preview, seems like nothing has changed, as if the change didn't take place. 

Any help on what I'm doing wrong, please advise.  Thanks

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The list of Themes in the "Manage Effects" window is there so you can look at their descriptions along with which Slide Styles / Transitions are in each Theme, using the "Edit" button in that window. This is not the place to apply a Theme to your slideshow. You'll need to use the "Wizard" to apply a Theme to your slideshow. When working with an existing slideshow, this can be done from "Effect" > "Remix Show with Wizard" OR "Effect" > "Remix Selected Slides with Wizard" options. Once you select a "Remix" option you should see a Theme selection option in the first window that pops up.

Robert McMurray
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And the user guide?????

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