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Ronald E. Marabito
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When I open Photopia Creator, it gives me the screen showing choices for the show, such as, Open, template, etc.  When I click on one, nothing happens.  I just have a blank screen.  Can you help?  I have to produce 2 shows for a club this week.


Michael Pacitti
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Normally when you open Photopia Creator it shows you the last show you were working on. If you do not want to go there to that show, then close out of it and you will see all the other shows in a dropdown file list. Chose the one you need. Remember if you saved your show to a different file location on your PC or other hard drive, you may loose it from its original destination. If you cant find the show, try going to your documents on the C drive and it should be there under Photopia shows. If your still having trouble, send me a screen shot or personal email at