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Michael Pacitti
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24/09/2020 5:02 pm  

I normally produce anywhere from 10 to 30 video clips per show in a production in Producer. Is there any way I can keep the same adjustments for all or at least several of the videos. Do I have to enter the same values for each frame?   For example:  Color 12, Contract -4, Gamma -3 etc.?


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25/09/2020 7:14 pm  

Those values do need to be entered for each layer.  Photopia does not have an option to pre-apply those adjustments before an image / video has been added to a show.  However, if you'll right-click on the number field for one of those options you should find a 'copy to other layers' entry that can simplify the process of copying those values to other layers in the show.  It's best to do this after all of those videos have been added to the show, so it only has to be done once.

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