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Video Rendering Issues and questios

Assaf Niv
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I have an issue and some misunderstanding with regards to publishing a project.

I finished a project and I initially published it as a lossless uncompressed file, when played-back the video and audio stutters.

I do not understand why is that so (file is big though - ~3.5 min ~20 GB).

When exported as MPEG-4 it is in order and file size is small, but I'm worried about some loss of quality.

(I remember for example from Proshow that when I exported a similar length video in DVD quality it was around 400 MB, this one is half the size with similar length).


So I would appreciate some general guidance with regards to publishing -

what should be configured for maximum quality,  why uncompressed stutters, and if I lose quality when just choosing compressed MPEG-4.


Thanks in advance!


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