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"Standalone Show" not handling audio track correctly

Duane Calvin
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I just published my current project to a "standalone show" and discovered that the audio is not being rendered with the video.  Here is what I found for the seven Shows that are in the project:

   1.  Shows that have a single track of audio are produced with no audio at all.

   2.  Shows with 2 or more tracks of audio, in sequence, are missing the first track but the following tracks are moved to the beginning to replace the missing track.  (By "track," I mean a song, and multiple means I needed or desired more than 1 song during the duration of the show.)

At first I thought it might be the Photopia Player not handling audio correctly until I found the 2nd item above on Shows with more than one audio "song" in the sound track. 

It seems in the past this had worked correctly.  I'm using the latest Photopia player, and the 1.0.776 level of Photopia Creator.


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