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How do you copy or snyc the slide styles. I found a slide style, applied it to the first slide, no problem. I tried selecting all of the slides, but then slide style is no longer available. I tried right click and syncing, I tried copy slide settings, but slide style is not an option. I tried searching for style within this forum. Nothing. 


Also, in copy slide settings, there is no way to copy from one slide to ALL slides, without ediously clicking on each and every slide in the "to slides" section -- disappointed! 

I do not see a user manual, for this price, with no upgrade price from Proshow, there should be a user guide. 

I have been a Proshow users, also owned producer, and taught people how to use Proshow gold for many many years. I just downloaded Creator. It is right off the top, harder to maneuver around than Proshow.  

Thank you

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To apply a slide style to multiple slides, first select each of those slides.  Once that selection is in place, right-click on any slide from that selection and choose the "Select Style" option from the resulting menu.  This will bring up a slide style selection window, which targets each of the selected slides when a style is applied.

We'll look into 'select all' request for the Copy Settings window.  I know that there is a 'copy to all slides' (or 'layers') in at least most of the right-click menus that contain the copy menu, in case that helps for now.

We understand that Photopia Creator / Director need solid user manuals and we're working on those documents, but they're not quite ready yet and I'm not sure when their release is planned.

Thank you for your feedback.