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Slide Styles screen and Import of Slide Styles  


Loretta Z
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10/11/2019 3:49 pm  

When in Slide Styles, all aspect ratio styles come up.  How can I filter the list to show just one specific aspect ratio, times, # captions?

Also I see where I can select specific categories, # of layers for 1, 1 with 1 caption, 2, 3, 4 or more.  I really miss the "match slide" filter.

Also, I've imported my ProShow slide styles, but cannot see the # of styles listed in Photopia so I can make sure everything imported.  Where can I find this information in Photopia?


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11/11/2019 8:38 am  

The current Slide Style filter does not include an aspect ratio option, which is something we need to look into.  We'll go ahead and take a look at the 'match slide' option as well, while we're in there.

The number of Slide Styles currently available to the program can be found under Effects > Manage Effects, where the UI should be relatively straight forward and familiar.

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