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"Preview" window - Intermittent fault with "Play Show " and "Pause" button.

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John Freestone
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Filed a "Fault Report" but I think TEXAS has enough problems at the moment so thought I would ask the nation!!

Intermittent Fault - During show creation and editing.

I've recently noticed that when in certain  editing/playback modes (which can be random) I get an intermittent fault occur with 

the "Play Show" and "Pause" button at the bottom of the "Preview" window - They disappear!    

and there is just a blank space between the "Rewind" and "Stop" button! (Never happened with PSGold!)

Sometimes the "Play Show" button hides behind the "Stop" button.

Selecting "Space Bar" to playback usually makes the graphics re-appear,  but if not the "session" has to be closed and re-opened

This fault is not apparent when starting a new session with an existing or new show.

The  "buttons" reset/re-appear if the session is closed and then reopened!

Usually happens after a long period of show editing approx. 2-3hrs !

Having used PSGold for some 6+ years I can say i have not seen this fault until I upgraded to Photopia Creator.

I have a few other "faults" that I've  discovered over the last month but will save them for later.

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I see that you also sent in a request about this issue through our Contact Us page. While we did get a bit backed up from recent events, we're at keys again this week and working though those messages as quick as we can. We're not able to reproduce this particular issue right now, but look for our response by eMail where we can continue the troubleshooting process and hopefully figure out what's different about our two setups / processes.