Need help with a fe...

Need help with a few issues that might be USER ERROR 🙂  


Maggi Derry
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09/10/2020 5:57 pm  

I used Pro Show Producer daily for 15 years so I knew that program really well. So of course some learning curve...

1.  Doesn't seem to auto update "Used in Show" and has to be refreshed

2. Dropping photos on the timeline- needs to be just right or photo adds to an existing slide and not on the timeline

3. Can't crop before adding a style and it "stay" cropped. Also - does the crop feature seem very hard to navigate with mouse? It was so easy in proshow...

4. Clicking on a slide just doesn't work to go straight to edit - often times it takes me to a completely different slide? Seems the entire slide has to be selected and then the photo file in content section has to be clicked on before editing

5.Copy and paste doesn't stay in correct order. Photos go way out of order

6. Rotating a picture feature seems pretty hidden to me. I use this a lot  and it's not easy to get to?

7. Moving a photo to earlier in the show is cumbersome. What is the best way? Cut and paste doesn't seem to work that great...

These are nitpicks but any help would be appreciated. I was spoiled with Producer and hate that it's gone! 



Member Admin
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13/10/2020 6:14 am  

Let's see if we can get these issues addressed.

1. The 'used in show' flag should automatically update when a file (image / audio / video) is added to a show.  Given that this isn't happening on your end, it's something we would need to troubleshoot further.

2. Dragging an image into the list of slides and hovering it over existing slides should result in one of two UI feedback details, a vertical blue line OR a blue slide outline.  The vertical line indicates that the image(s) being dragged will be inserted between the adjacent slides while the slide outline indicates insertion into the outlined slide.  If you're getting this feedback and things still aren't working as expected then we'll need to take a closer look at your process.

3. Layer cropping does need to be done after a style is applied, where it may be easier to do from the "Content" tab, particularly if multiple instances of the layer exist in the resulting style.  Maintaining layer crop values between style applications is something we're looking at implementing.

4. We're not seeing a situation where clicking on a slide in the "Slides" / "Timeline" area results in a different slide being displayed, but there is a scenario by which the "Content Settings" tab can be shown instead of the expected layer settings tab, which is on the list to be corrected.

5. The copy / paste issue where images end up out of order does not appear to be reproducible on our end.  If this is something you can make happen, let us know a bit more about what you're doing so we can try to follow the same steps / settings.

6. Which rotation option do you find to be too hidden?  There is one under the "Layer" tab that works similarly to the one under "Content Settings", allowing for 90-degree rotations, in addition to the ones under "Adjustments" / "Animations" that provide 360-degree specificity.

7. There are two basic ways to move slides to a new position in the show; cut / paste and drag-n-drop.  The cut / paste process seems to be problematic on your end and we need to get that figured out.  The drag-n-drop process may work better for you, at least in the short term.  Once the dragged slide(s) reach the edge of the "Slides" list you should find that the list automatically begins scrolling (a feature known as 'edge scrolling'), allowing the dragged slide(s) to be dropped into any position within the show.

It looks like we'll need to take a closer look at Photopia on your system, which may require sending over some screenshots and other information.  Please feel free to reach out through the Contact Us form on our website to continue that conversation so we can get these details sorted out properly.

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