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Moire in 4K UHD Videos

Yuri Nikitin
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Playing with different UHD (4K) export formats, I have found a noticeable moire in the videos. I use the Backdrop Light Zoom In slide style (it's my favourite from ProShow times), and on all my pictures their elements with high spatial frequency (fences, railings, windows in far-away houses, wavelets on the water) flicker as the picture zoom in. This moire is very prominent and annoying, as I mostly shoot architectural landscapes which are full of such elements.

Tried all 4K export settings and frame rates, all to the same result. Moire is visible and prominent on Sony 4K Android TV with both TV internal player and Dune 4K Pro external player, as well as on the 4K computer display with VLC player at full screen (to avoid scaling).

I understand that moire is natural in such setups and that it's very hard to control at rendering time, but perhaps there is an export filter that could at least minimise it?

Thank you.


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