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Missing Files and others errors

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Dieter Keifert
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Hello Forum,

sorry but my Creator still have since a few weeks many errors and does not work:

1.  I still have " Missing Files"

2.  Preview in Full Screen has not sharp reproduktion

3. Publish-Video I have all slides "Missing Files. Only my Video i can see

4. Publis-Video are not sharp

5. Publish_EXE the Menuthumbnail are not sharp

6. Publish_EXE are not sharp - the same like with Publish-Videos

Does anyone in the Forum have the same peoblems like me?

I load the aktuelle verswion from Creator. I am sorry unable to attach screenshots - they were not attached - sorry;-(((

Most of the errors occurent with the last updates and were not there at the beginn.

I can not rent Creator in this condition. I urgently need a good Softwaren for my Slidshows.

I hope Photopia corrects the errors quickly so that i don't have to buy a German Software.

There is still no way to send an original show or screenshots to report Photopia like in ProShow "Report a Problem"


Best reagards    Dieter

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Allow me to address these items as listed.

  1. We're still working on the 'missing files' issues.  There are a few manifestations of this issue, some easier to reproduce on our end than others, and we should have a release available soon that cleans up the variations we're able to induce.
  2. Preview playback has to balance performance and clarity, which is an area we're always looking to improve.
  3. We're working on a few reports of missing files in video output.  If you have anti-virus programs, try disabling those before creating that output and see if that affects the issue.  We've seen some pretty problematic interactions with Malwarebytes, for instance.
  4. Video output should be sharp, as sharp as compressed video can get.  We'll work with you over eMail on this one, and the following two items.

Please continue working with us over eMail so that we can get a better handle on exactly what you're seeing.