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Jumping to different position in slide  

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21/01/2020 9:32 pm  


I believe we've downloaded all of the content you've sent over at this point.  If there is still anything for which you did not receive a download confirmation, please update one of our eMail conversations so we can figure out what we might be missing.

The playback smoothness issue is being worked on presently.  I was just discussing it with a member of our QA team earlier today, in fact.  As I understand it, they've been able to reproduce a similar condition on at least one test system, which is a good sign.

Our intention with Photopia is to avoid any unnecessary downsizing for imported content, although it's good to see that you've already tried a test of this nature.  I'll make sure your feedback gets to our QA team.  When you get a chance, swapping out all of the images in that show with compressed (JPG) variants would provide another good benchmark.  Should you go down that road, please eMail us your results and we'll go from there.

erica silverman
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08/02/2020 2:03 am  


Have you had this issue resolved?  I am creating my first show in the new software and I am finding the slides jumpy and glitchy.  I never had this issue in Proshow.

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08/02/2020 7:23 am  

Hi Erica,

No, the issue has not been resolved, nor have I heard back since the above. The jerkiness does not show once the show has been turned into a movie, but I am still disillusioned by the fact it is still occurring in the preview.

That said, it is certainly not as bad as it was, but still not great. I was also under the impression I was the only one with this issue.



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