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Imported files from ProShow Gold to Photopia Creator

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Scott Foster
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Photopia Support Team,

I just subscribed to Photopia Creator approximately two hours ago. Once I realized I could no longer publish and share my ProShow Gold Slideshows, I read that Photopia Creator was the recommended slideshow app for its replacement. It was written that Photopia was designed to support existing ProShow Gold content, Slideshows, styles, etc. In addition to watching the video, that was my reason for making the investment.

Issue:  I created a 71 image slideshow in ProShow Gold and downloaded two "Free"/uncopyrighted music files from the YouTube Audio Library for my audio track. I also used a loon sound track as my third audio file. When I imported my ProShow Gold slideshow into Photopia Creator, one of the music files was lost during the importing process, Clarion - Scott Buckley. I don't understand why and I'm very frustrated.

I spent a number of hours looking for the right audio tracks, syncing the audio files coupled with slide duration so that the slides and audio flowed smoothly. I can't figure out why this happened and don't know how to recover the omitted audio track.  Also, I just downloaded the audio track a couple of days ago so I know it's not due to its age.

I assumed ProShow Gold to Photopia Creator would be a smooth transition based on the information I read and the video presentation I watched, but I now think I may have made a mistake.  I do not want to replace my intro audio track, Clarion - Scott Buckley. Please help.

Best Regards,

Scott Foster