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How to Import a Proshow Style Pack

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Steve Howard
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I bought a Proshow Style pack shortly before they shut down.  I really like it but don't know how to import it.

I have tried the manage media/import feature, but this pack is an "exe" file and isn't recognized.  Does anyone have any idea how to import an exe Proshow Style Pack?  It's called "StylePack- Vintage" and was created around 2011.  Thanks

Member Admin
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While the slide styles from that product can be imported into Creator / Director, you'll first need to get them installed onto your system from that EXE file. Our software can read the slide style (PXS) files but not the EXE installer itself.

Once those effects are installed, use the "Import from ProShow" option available from the pop-up window that appears when loading Creator / Director. That should automatically import all of the installed ProShow effects on your computer.