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14/11/2019 12:24 am  

Please add a TV safe zone feature

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06/01/2020 7:04 am  

We'll make sure this request is logged.  Thank you.

Bonnie Oertli
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04/05/2020 8:25 pm  


I have recently started using Photopia Director for clients and have issues with the "safe zone".  In the DVD's that I have been rendering, I have had to scrap the disk as the text is off screen.  I might be missing a setting or a display view, but do not see a "safe zone" as was in Producer.  In the attached image, the "l" in Angel is very close to the edge, but the other text seems to be fine.  However, once I create the DVD and playback on my TV (have tried three of them, widescreen TV 16:9) and the playback on has all of the text way too far to the right edge.  Is there a setting I am missing to view the safe zone.  As of now, it seems like I just need to "guess".  Thank you.

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