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Pam Vexler
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Two requests (that we had in Proshow, but need in Photopia):

(1) When I am in the Trim audio window, I cannot change the location of the vertical “ line", where the song plays.  Meaning if I want to listen the fade out at the end of the song, I have to listen to the entire song, to get to the 3 seconds that I want to hear.  In Proshow, I was able to move this “line’ to any place in the song that I wanted to hear. 

(2)  Also, in the Trim Window: There should be a button that makes the end of the song to the location of  "line".  Meaning, I stop the playback at a certain point where I want to end the song, but there is no way to tell the software that I want to end the song right there.  There are two ways to fix this & Proshow had both options:  (1) the “line” does not have the counter time listed with it.  If it did have a counter time listed, I could type in the counter time below the waveform  AND (2) there should be a button under the timeline that you could click to say THAT is where you want the begin or end the song.  Like I said, Proshow had both and Photopia has neither, so it is VERY hard to crop the song in the exact correct place.  Please add one or both options - Thanks.

Charles Harbin
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I'm with Pam. All adjustments to audio files were much easier to accomplish in ProShow. Being able to trim audio to length and apply fades in/out are crucial and oft used functions. Thanks.

Member Admin
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These are all good observations about the Audio Trimmer in Photopia, which appear to be a combination of existing features that are not working properly and missing features that need to be added to the product.  We'll take care of things from here.  Thank you.