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[Solved] Syncing audio to video - especially with a "talking head"

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Richard Swain
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Joshua -

Since it appears that Photopia has possible issues with processing video, it would be great if you could unlock the audio track which is tied to the video, so the audio could be moved slightly to re-sync it with the video.

What I had to do was to render my video to create a separate audio file (I use Vegas for video editing).  Then lower the audio volume to 0.0 in the Timeline video track.  Add the separate audio file into the show then I could move it to synchronize it with the video.  This part of the process would be much easier if I could move the audio file by one video frame using the left/right arrow keys - using the mouse for this step is very difficult - but doable.  My method is a non-starter for those who can't create separate audio files from their video.