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Duane Calvin
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Two items need attention regarding the standalone shows and the Windows player:

1.  Windows Standalone show player:  When the player opens, showing the menu for the project, clicking on a thumbnail or title line should start the playback of that show.  Currently it displays a dark screen and then  you notice at the bottom the "play" arrow that you need to click to cause playing to start.  This is redundant and confusing.  Clicking the thumbnail should start the playback automatically, and at the end of playback, the screen should return to the menu.  The Proshow player did this perfectly.

2. When setting up to publish a standalone show, if "open full screen" is selected it apparently is ignored.  The playback will open in a window and the viewer has to then click the full-screen button to expand it to fit the screen.  Once again, Proshow handled this well.  I have not tried NOT selecting that to see what happens because of time required to generate (see my request in the Troubleshooting forum on single show standalone's.)  Of course, I cannot tell if this is a problem in generating the standalone or in the player's interpretation of the file.



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Thank you for the feedback on this feature.  We'll make sure these issues are on the list to be addressed.

Dieter Keifert
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that is completely in my sense. ProShow solves that excellent. I hope creator solves that as well !!!

Best regards   Dieter